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The Department of Classics focuses on the interpretation of the culture and society of Greco-Roman antiquity in the widest sense of those terms.

We offer an undergraduate program leading to a BA and have a graduate body of students pursuing MA and PhD degrees in Classics with special concentrations in Greek and Latin literature, history, philosophy, and linguistics. The department offers intensive undergraduate language courses in ancient Greek, classical Latin, and Sanskrit.

Graduate students receive intensive training in methodologies appropriate to their special areas of concentration, reading and analysis of Greek and Roman texts, and in the secondary literature.

The faculty members' interests and publications include many diverse subjects, giving students a wide range of areas from which to choose to satisfy the requirements for the PhD.

Classics has a close association with the Department of History, History of Art and Architecture, History and Philosophy of Science, and Philosophy, and various interdisciplinary programs, including Cultural Studies and Medieval and Renaissance Studies. In cooperation with the Departments of Philosophy and History and Philosophy of Science, the Department of Classics sponsors the graduate Program in Classics, Philosophy, and Ancient Science (CPAS).


Support Staff


Liz Conforti

Event Coordinator

412-624-4494; 1531 CL

  • Coordinates all event logistics (room reservations, catering, facilities setup)
  • Liaises with visitors regarding transportation and lodging


Lucy DiStazio

Administrative Assistant

412-624-5225; 1309 CL

  • Assists directors of undergraduate studies
  • Requests classroom changes
  • Coordinates book orders and desk copies
  • Collects syllabi
  • Requests and uploads course descriptions
  • Requests office hours
  • Coordinates undergraduate symposia
  • Coordinates photocopying of class materials


Alana Dunn

Fiscal Manager

412-624-5909; 1518 CL


          • Tracks faculty travel/research funds and start-up funds
          • Advises on University policies and procedures for purchases and reimbursements
          • Processes travel advances
          • Processes honoraria (domestic/international)
          • Manages event budgets
          • Approves all reimbursements, disbursements, service agreements, purchases
          • Manages all operating, endowment and gift accounts

Keanna Cash

Graduate Administrator

412-624-5227; 1301A CL

  • Manages graduate admissions, readmission and change of status
  • Tracks milestones, including reports of examinations
  • Manages fellowship application process
  • Coordinates extensions and leaves of absence
  • Assists with certification for graduation
  • Coordinates graduate student travel grants
  • Acts as liaison for graduate student benefits


Paula Locante

Business Coordinator, Website Maintenance

412-624-5568; 2714 CL

  • Processes reimbursements, disbursements and service agreements
  • Coordinates purchasing of specialty items
  • Maintains website and contributes to website redesign process
  • Coordinates event promotion and advertising


Monika Losagio

Administrative Officer

412-624-5221; 1328 CL

  • Liaises with department chairs, A&S dean’s office
  • Liaises with Payroll Administrator
  • Coordinates strategic planning initiatives
  • Manages all staff personnel
  • Manages faculty actions, including sabbaticals and leaves
  • Coordinates faculty recruitment, tenure and promotion
  • Oversees third year reviews and contract renewals
  • Liaises with OIS for immigration issues
  • Manages compliance reporting


Christine Metil

Academic Coordinator

412-624-5906; 1228 CL

  • Coordinates course scheduling process
  • Coordinates submission of new course proposals
  • Updates information in PeopleSoft
  • Provides support for all academic matters


John Willard

Payroll Administrator

412-624-3483; 917 CL

  • Manages all payroll actions for new hires, rehires, reappointments, terminations
  • Manages SPARs